Attributes of Reunification on Psychosocial Lives of Sexually Abused Children: TIle Case of Or ga ni zation for Preve ntion, Rehabilitation and Int egration of Fe male Street Ch ildren (OPRIFS) in Add is A baba.

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Addis Ababa University


Reunification is used as a means to re-unit children separated from their families to restore a family environment for the proper upbringing and development of the child. The objective of this study is to explore attributes (positive and negative) of reunification on psychological and social lives of sexually abused and returned home children. The assessment of this qualitative study tried to identify and listed the psychological and social problems. TIle shldy uses case study method, apply semistruct1lred in-depth interview, and collect data from reunified female children who faced the problem. The study uses purposive sampling teclmique and a total of eleven return home children. The major concerns like reason of run away, psychological and social problems, and feelings offamily members and neighbors in relation to reunification is discussed. It identifies major psychosocial problems that those children faced during reunification ,md its effects on their psychological health and social relation. The data collected from the in-depth interview, discussion and documentation were nan'ated and analyzed. The find ings showed that reunifications results shorter and longer tenn psychological and social problems and the children shows fee ling of fear, depression and poor peer relationship. Generally, the assessment underlies the need to give attention to those children who are facing the problem and the alternative child care system (reunification). Future researchers should prefer to aim on gaining knowledge on the long-term effects of post reunification programs. So social workers could resolve this limitation by adding specifies when interviewing participants. TIle shldy was concerned about the poor, voice less, discriminated and for those who are living in continuous injustice. So mobilizing the community through effective ways in assisting reunifying children to their family can be one of the ways that aim social work profession can be achieved.



Attributes of Reunificati on on Psyc hosoc ial Lives of Sexually Ab use d Children