Factors Affecting the Performance of Female Students in Mathematics and Science: the Case of Selected High School in Shashemane

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this research was to assess and enhance the performance of female students towards mathematics and science subjects. Participants were selected, randomly, from three high schools.327 female students of grade 9, 30 teachers, 3 directors and 9 parents, were sources of information in this study. The required data was secured using instruments such as; questionnaire, interview and focus group discussion including documents (roster) analysis. The data was analyzed by using narrative approach for qualitative data and statistical approach including percentage and chi-square. The results obtained indicate that most of female’s performance, towards mathematics and science, is poor. The study reveals that this is due to student’s attitude; home and school related factors are some of the problem. Finally, this study suggested that teachers, the schools, and other concerned bodies, those governmental and nongovernmental organizations, have to intervene to help female students