Assessing the Factors that Affect the Performance And The Participation of Women’s in Long Distance Run: Focusing of Some Selected Clubs in Addis Ababa

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Addis Abeba university


The major purpose of this study was to identify the factors that affecting women’s participation and performance in some selected clubs in Addis Ababa; what are the major barriers and come up with possible suggestion to minimize the gap to bring the women’s confidential. A research was done descriptive survey method; sample was taken to achieve this objective. By using simple random sampling technique data was collected using questionnaire structural interviews and relevant documents. The data was collected analyzed using percentage. the sample were taken women athletes from the three clubs of Mugger cement ,Mikelakya sport club ,and Ethiopian Niged bank .amongst them 30 athletes ,6 coaches and 10 people who are the so called sports family were participated in this study. questioners, interviews and documents were the main instruments used to collect the data . The finding was indicated that the current position of the women's participation and performance in long distance run is very low compared to their male counter parts besides the study disclosed that lack of attention from the concerned bodies and training the demand for high endurance long distance events, socio-cultural influence, socio economical influence ,impact of biological factors and restricted policies these were the some of the factors . on the basis of the findings of the study recommendations were drawn . Finally promoting females participation in long distance events developing awareness raising mechanisms about females role in clubs management are recommended as possible strategies to promote to women's participation in long distance run in Addis Ababa some selected clubs



Participation of Women’s in Long Distance Run: