The Role Of Monitoring And Evaluation In Donor Funded Government Projects: The Case Of Oromia Pastoral Area Development Coordination Commission

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Addis Ababa University


Resources are mobilized to meet development objectives of the country from different sources. Different donors fund government projects to support development interventions in Ethiopia. In order to be successful in the project implementation project management tools has to be in place. Monitoring and Evaluation is one among the tools which is very crucial in successful performances of projects. Role of Monitoring and Evolution in donor funded government projects is no not well investigated. Hence, this study aimed at the analysis of the role of monitoring and evaluation on donor funded government projects. M & E human resources, M & E budget, M & E planning, M & E stakeholder engagement, and M & E capacity were some variables analyzed in the study. Descriptive research design was used. Non probability (purposive) sampling technique was used to select intervention area of the projects. All 55 key staffs were included in the study from purposively selected area. Data was collected through structured questionnaires. Descriptive statistics was used to analyze the role of monitoring and evaluation (M & E human resource, M & E budget, M & E planning, M & E stakeholder engagement, and M & E capacity) on donor funded government projects using SPSS package. The study examined M & E human resource, M & E budget, M & E planning, stakeholder engagement M & E, and capacity of M & E had roles on donor funded government projects. The study recommends there has to be adequate M & E planning documents and the plan documents has to share among staffs and stakeholders, staffs and stakeholders should be involved in designing and planning M & E activities, M & E planning activities should be completed before the implementation of projects commenced, time and efforts given to M & E should be adequate, assign sufficient number of dedicated staffs and technical expertise or officers with M & E competencies, skills and knowledge’s who conduct M & E activities of projects, realistic cost estimation, and adequate budget allocation should carefully be done to conduct monitoring and evaluation during planning of projects, stakeholders should be involved in monitoring and evaluation activities of projects at each stages of project cycle for successful performance of projects, capacity on monitoring and evaluation systems, tools, and techniques training should be conducted through regular need assessment, careful planning, and delivered in time to enhance projects activities implementations.



Monitoring and Evaluation, human resource, budget, planning, stakeholder engagement