Magnitude, Associated Factors and Maternal Outcome of Postpartum Hemorrhage at Black Lion Specialised Hospital From Jan.1, 2009 To Dec.30, 2013 G.C

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Addis Ababa University


Back Ground: Postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) continues to be the leading direct cause of maternal mortality worldwide. Objective: To determine maternal and perinatal outcomes in mothers who had postpartum hemorrhage. Methods: A facility based retrospective cross-sectional study was conducted on all women who came to Black Lion Hospital, with a diagnosis of PPH during the five years, from Jan.1, 2009 to Dec.30, 2013 GC. Data were collected using a structured questionnaire from the mothers and their neonate’s charts and labor ward reporting log book .Data were collected by the principal investigator and trained labor ward nurses. Results: There were 12,995 deliveries at TASH during the five year. Generally there were 185 cases of PPH who delivered in Black Lion Hospital as well referred from other health facilities which makes the magnitude of 1.4% during the five year. However, 160 cases of PPH whose medical charts were retrieved were used for its completeness. The maternal age of the study population was ranging between 17 and 44 years with mean age of 28.56 years. Most of the post partum women who had PPH, 105(65.6%) were from AA and the remaining were out of AA. Conclusion The magnitude of PPH was 1.4% during the study period and it was associated with significant maternal and perinatal complications. Retained placenta or conceptus material was the most leading cause for PPH in this study which accounts for 37.5%. Shock and severe anemia were the most common complications they were encounters.



Black Lion Specialised Hospital