Radiological Manifestations in Symptomatic Patients with Positive (RT-PCR) covid19 Admitted at Tikur Anbessa Specialized Hospital AddisAbaba Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


Introduction: In severe form patients with positive (RT-PCR) covid19 candevelop pneumonia or ARDS. It is reported that 30-50%of covid19 hospitalizedpatients can develop pneumonia. CXR/CT scan helps to identify covid19pneumonia by recognizing radiological manifestations of covid19 out of otherCXR/CT scan manifestations. Delay in diagnosis and subsequent treatment,developsserious acute respiratory failure, multiple endorgan failure, or death.Wedescribedsociodemographic, comorbidities and radiological manifestations insymptomatic patients with positive (RT-PCR)covid19 admitted at TASH.Methodology:A descriptive hospital based retrospective study was conductedamongsymptomaticpositive(RT-PCR)covid19 patients admitted in the covid19ICU and isolation covid19 wardfrom November 2020 to October2021. All adultpatients with CXR/CT scan recorded inmed-web (Tele-medicine internet softwareversion 7.0.11) computerized hospital medical system were included.Arrangements was made for abnormal CXR/CT scan to be reviewed jointly with aThoracic Radiologist. All information was recorded usingcase report formandanalysis was done using SPSS version 23.0Results:243patientswere recruited in this study, out of them 51.4%were female.Median age was 46years, IQR (30 - 60). The prevalence of radiologicalmanifestations was 65.8%, out of them 51.9%were male.Predominant CXR findings were bilateral 48.6%, multiple 47.3%, interstitial42.0%, patchy opacities 40.3%, peripherally 21.0%, lower 55.1% and middle46.1% lung zones. Most lesions had increased densities 44.9% followed by GGOdensities 17.7%. Common CT scan findings were bilateral 70.6%, multiple lobes70.6% and GGO23.5%.Majority of patients withold age (p-value=0.000*), CVD(p-value=0.016*),DM(p-value=0.013*), chronic lung disease (p-value=0.018*),PTB(p-value=0.038*),respiratory symptoms (p-value=0.000*), cough (p-value=0.000*), dyspnea(p-value=0.000*) chest pain (p-value=0.008*) and lower SPO2 (p-value=0.000*)when CXR/CT scan was taken had radiological manifestations.Majority cancerpatients didn’t have radiological manifestations (p-value=0.000*)Conclusion and Recommendation: Radiological manifestations in symptomaticpatients with positive (RT-PCR) covid19 admitted in isolation and covid19 ICU atTASHare common.Early recognition of radiological manifestations and propermanagement of comorbiditieswill improve care in covid19 patients.Patientswithcomorbidities, symptoms and radiological manifestationsshould be screened for covid19 (RT-PCR).COVID-19 Patients with cancer may not showradiologic abnormalities.



Positive (RT-PCR),Covid19