Team Cohesion and Its Contribution in Enhancing Team Performance the case of Wolita Dicha Men Football Club

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The purpose of this study was to examine the contribution of team cohesion and its contribution in enhancing team performance in addition to the changes that occur in club athletes’ perceptions of team cohesion and collective efficacy and performance during a season. Additionally, the strength and direction of the relationship between collective team performance and team cohesion was tested. To test these relationships, for Wolaita Dicha Sport Club a series of questionnaires were administered to 26 Club Player’s and three coaches, organized interview were asked club team leader, directorate director and president and sequenced observation go ahead in their practical session period in the early season. Multivariate multiple regression analyses indicated that increases in players’ perceptions of team cohesion and collective team performance over the season were positively correlated with perceptions of their coaches, team leader, director and president. The findings from this study indicate certain aspects of coaching behavior that were related to athletes’ perceptions of team dynamics, as well as the changes that occur in these perceptions over the course of a season. These results then provide support for the notion that coaches play a significant role in the psycho-social development of athletes, as well as within team environments. The actual team cohesion of Wolayita Dicha Sport Club was uncountable. The results indicate that cohesion has a moderate-strength relationship with team performance and a high-strength relationship with team satisfaction. A number of constructs were identified as moderators to these relationships. The results from this study can be applied in practice. Organizations and virtual team leaders should invest time and effort in developing cohesion within their virtual teams. Conditions such as being in a globally distributed team environment and multiple communications media choices require a more cohesive virtual team



Contribution in Enhancing Team