Practices and Challenges of Leadership in Private Kindergartens in Bole Subcity

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Addis Ababa University


This study aimed at assessing the Practices and Challenges of Leadership in the Private Kindergartens of Bole Sub City, in Addis Ababa. The research problem examined how kindergarten principals enact and experience their leadership, the leadership styles employed, the way they held their position, the challenges they encounter and the assistance they get from education offices. To this end, a descriptive survey design was used and the research employed various data collection tools and processed primary and secondary data sources using qualitative and quantitative data analysis techniques. Nine kindergartens were randomly selected using multi stage sampling technique and all the teachers (one hundred twenty), principals (nine principals) responded to the questionnaires. In depth semi structured interview were conducted with kindergarten principals, 4 cluster supervisors and 1 early childhood expert at the Woreda and Sub city level respectively. The key findings were: kindergarten principals’ used facilitative leadership style though unintentionally. They were not adequately trained in the area of leadership and early childhood education. Most principals’ held their position by promotion from the teaching profession. Thus, they feel incompetent and lack confidence. The principals have faced many challenges related with insufficient school resources, diverse early childhood staff combinations, lack of training in their context and leadership and miscommunication between management teams. The cluster supervisors and early childhood experts were not trained in early childhood education or leadership; they were also tightly scheduled to supervise first and foremost primary and secondary schools. The research concluded, kindergarten principals were not independent leaders. They have no power in decision making. Their leadership skill was found to be very poor. It can be said below the international standards. Consequently, the following recommendations were forwarded. Kindergartens principals’ personal effort and enthusiasm for leadership should be accompanied with strong encouragement and continuous support primarily by their own school management. Sufficient in-service training or workshops should be provided by the city administration offices for principals, head of schools, cluster supervisors and early childhood experts. The education offices need to assign early childhood education and managements trained supervisors. The Ministry of Education should open early childhood education and management field of study and short term training programs at the universities and colleges. Key Words- early childhood education, preschool, kindergartens, early years



early childhood education, preschool, kindergartens, early years