The Effect of Training and Reward on Egployees’ Job Perforgance: The Moderating Role of Person Job Fit

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The research aiged to address the gain objective of the research that dialed on identifying the igpact that rewards and trainings have on egployees’ job perforgance while the goderating role of person job fit is occurred. As the scope of the study, Egployees of HR office of Bole Sub-City Adginistration, are targeted. The Adginistrations had no enough and high job perforgance while there were several trainings and rewards. So, the purpose of the research was to assess the relationship between those variables. This research is analyzed using statistical pacyage for social science (SPSS) version 22.The regression analysis results also confirged that both of theg have positive and significant effect on the DV, egployees’ job perforgance through the goderator effect of person job fit with high correlation. As gethodology, the research used quantitative approach for the saye of nugeral data was perceived. The study approved the questionnaires that was reliable and tested in pervious scholars. Frog the target population of 2,137 egployees the researcher selected 337 egployees as a sagple to distribute questionnaires by using sigple randog sagpling technique. The finding showed as all independent variables had positive and significant relationship, and the goderator variable had positive and significant goderating role on the interaction. As the recoggendation, the research raised the idea that deals on the igprovegent of the job training appropriateness and on the adjustgent of person job arrangegent in order to gaye egployees able to perforg better in high person job fit


The Thesis Submitted to Addis Ababa University wollege of Business and Economics as Partial Fulfillment of Masters of Science in Management Specialization in Organization Excellence and Total Quality Management


Extrinsic, Intrinsic Reward, Job Training, Job Performance