Assessment of Newspapers’ Circulation and Readership in Addis Ababa: The Case of Addis Admas and Reporter Newspapers

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Addis Ababa University


The print newspaper industry in Ethiopia faces many difficulties; mainly its circulation, readership, cost of printing and consumers’ habits. The prime purpose of this study was to Assess Print Newspapers Circulation and Readership: the Case of Addis Admas and Reporter Newspapers. Data was collected using quantitative and qualitative methods. Questionnaire, In-depth Interview, Focus Group Discussion and Observations were employed in the study. For the survey questionnaire, sixty Addis Admas and Reporter newspaper readers were purposely chosen from six areas of Addis Ababa city. Based on purposive sampling again, in-depth interviews were conducted to collect data from managing editors and senior editors of Adiss Admas and Reporter newspapers. Focus Group Discussion sessions were also held with newspaper vendors who work in different corners of the city. Findings of the study primarily indicated that there was a decline of print newspaper circulation and readership. According to the study, social media and digital media expansion have altered the information gathering paradigm which has a consequence on print newspapers existence and performance. New media technology has disrupted all sides of print newspapers including subscriptions, readership, circulation, and advertising. Due to the high cost of printing and lack of advertisement the study exposes that the prices of newspapers still remain high and unaffordable for its readers. As a result, according to the study, the majority of respondents read newspapers by renting from vendors. It was disclosed also long time governments’ disenfranchisement with the print press kept the industry incapacitated. The finding further exposed that Print newspaper circulation was going down from time to time and its distribution was only limited to certain areas of the city. It was suggested that, therefore, for its sustenance and competence the print newspaper industry demands considerable attention, assistance and guidance from different actors including government policy makers, publishers, journalists, researchers, media experts and educational institutions .



Print Newspapers Circulation and Readership