The role of Social Accountability program in community empowerment the case of Addis Ababa Women Association social accountability program

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Addis Ababa University


This research has dealt with the role of Social Accountability Program implemented by Addis Ababa Women Association towards community empowerment. Through quantitative and qualitative data collection and reviewing of related literatures in the area, this research tried to assess the role social accountability program have towards community empowerment in terms of community interaction ,participation and improving community economic conditions. In addition, the study identified lesson achieved from Social Accountability initiatives for social work practices. Thus, the findings of the study indicate that there are trends signifying possibility for community empowerment through Social Accountability Program. The study identified various contribution of social accountability program enhancing community members‟ interaction with one another and also with local administrative bodies. Likewise the study also identified increasing opportunities and means of community for participation in local development activities and administrative issues. On the other hand, although the program succeeded in improving the two above stated components of empowerment, it has been recognized that absence of economic benefits is one of the limitations of the program towards community economic empowerment. In general, through the study it has been identified that Social Accountability programs are effective tools for community based development activities. The program ensured active participation of community members at grass root level and enhanced community capacity. Thus, it is appropriate to consider scaling up the program to other areas where the program is not applicable



Social Work