Challenges of Teaching Handball in Preparatory School the Case of Wukromaray Tigray National Regional State

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Addis Abeba university


The main objective of this study was to investigate a study on the challenge of the handball teaching learning process and attitude of the students in Tigray Region Wukro Maray preparatory school, interest of sport science teachers, interest of the school directors, youth and sport expert to recommend the solution of the major factors that affect the challenges of teaching handball in practicing and teaching in Wukro Maray preparatory school Woreda Tahty Maichew. The main issue considered is students in the handball activities, attitudes and interest of the students in the handball teaching learning process and the challenges of handball that affects in teaching in the hand ball activities. Descriptive Survey method research was employed for this study the data were collected through questionnaire, observation and interview. The data were collected in Wukro Maray preparatory school from the students, sport science teachers, the school directors, youth and sport expert and the data were analyzed both quantitative and qualitative method using percentages. The respondents sampling technique from the total population was carried out through simple random selection methods or systems. This results implies that the interest of the students are low in the handball teaching, shortage of motivation for the family, teachers and others concerned bodies, inadequate of school facilities teaching instruments. So that it is recommended that depending on the result concerned bodies such as teachers, parents have to encourage the student’s participation in teaching handball class to full fill the school facilities, to give equal chance like the other subject to provide different service for the students, to improve the attitudes of students in teaching handball activities. Key words: Challenges, teaching handball learning



Challenges; teaching handball learning