Design and Development of a Database Accessible Via the World Wide Web (Www): The Case of National Herbarium of Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


The proper organization of information has been proved important to render effective services for users. Lack of well organized information system creates several problems on the users of the system as well as the collection. As a major part of the collection of National Herbarium of Ethiopia (NHE), specimens are preserved at the herbarium to give services for the interested researchers and students. The existing information service at the NHE threatens the existence of specimen for a longer period, besides it is not possible to render prompt reply for users queries. Above all, though the users of the center are found in different part of the counter, the center has no means of reaching them. It was to alleviate the above mentioned problems that this study was undertaken. In the course, attempts have been made to assess user requirements by conducting extensive interview and observant The survey revealed that the current information provision is inadequate. The existing system was analyzed and based on the user requirement obtained from the analysis of existing system a database was designed. Object oriented methodology was used in the analysis of the existing system as well as in the design of the proposed system Finally, a prototype of a web-based database was developed for selected class. The database was developed using Microsoft Access and Cold Fusion. The prototype was demonstrated for the users of the center and feedback was collected from users. accordingly the prototype was modified. It is also recommended that the center needs to have a server to test the proposed database solution. However, the center can also make use of the proposed database by including some of the classes by upgrading the available LAN so that it could support web based applications..



Information Science