An Assessment Of Project Manegment Office Role And Type In Ethio Telecom

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Addis Ababa University


The Project Management Office (PMO) has recently become a vital business unit in many organizations worldwide and is critical to the success of project management functions in many organizations. It also the new phenomena to our country project management culture. This research project has been developed with the aim of studying the project management office role and type in ethio telecom. The study conducts in-depth literature review on Project Management Office. The PMO has different roles and responsibilities, type, structure, staff numbers, and maturity level and these factors often vary between organizations depending on the needs of organization itself. The accurate identification of the PMO roles and type is important as some organizations might spend money and resources on establishing PMOs that don’t satisfy their needs and requirements. To achieve the objectives of this research, a mixed research methodology that involved mixed approaches have been used studying the existing ethio telecom PMO roles, type, structure and maturity. The data collection uses semi-structured interview questions and questionnaires as a primary data gathering sources and organizational documents and reports as secondary data sources. The outcomes of this research show that ethio telecom needs significant modifications and designs to its project management office and its roles and type were contradicted with the concept of program/project management office. The research recommended some recommendations that might help to modifying its roles and responsibilities, staffing appropriate employees and empowering this PMO in the company and helping to achieve more projects performance enhancement



Project Management Office, Roles of the PMO, PMO type and Structure