The Effect of Sales Skills on Salespersons Performance The Case of Ethio Telecom

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Addis Ababa University


The aims of this study, to know the effect of sales skills; interpersonal, salesmanship, technical and marketing skills; salesperson performance in ethio telecom sales force; The methodology used in the study was quantitative research and data collection instrument reliability was assessed by Cronbach Alpha, the data collected was evaluated by descriptive statistics, the mean analysis compared, Pearson correlation analysis and multiple regression analysis were applied to test the hypotheses. The research design was an explanatory inquiry. It illustrates the sales skill that determines salesperson’s performance. A comprehensive survey was conducted by distributing a questionnaire to 275 salespeople working in Addis Abeba 6 zone and 266 questioners returned with a 96.7 % return rate. The findings from this research showed that marketing, technical, and interpersonal skills appeared to be significant effect on sales performance predictors. Nevertheless, unexpectedly the finding also showed those salesmanship skills, which do not significant influence with salespersons performance. Marketing skills are superior in terms of their impact magnitude. Nevertheless, that gender could not have positive association. Finally, the study recommended that significant success factors for ethio telecom sales people that the company should emphasis and undertaking to develop appropriate methods of on job and formal training and development to enhance their salespeople 's marketing, technical and interpersonal skills



Interpersonal skills, Salesmanship skills, Technical skill