The Practice and Challenges of Female Students' School Based Tutorial Program in Selected General Secondary Schools of Kobo Woredas in North Wollo Zone.

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of the study was to investigate the practice and challenges of female students school based tutorial program in selected general secondary schools in kobo Wordas No/th Wollo Zone, The method employed was descriptive survey, A total of 301 respondents from the three selected schools, female student parents and woreda education office experts were used as sources of data. The instruments employed were questionnaire, interview, class room observation and documents related to female s tudents' tutorial program, The study reveled that teachers in the sample schools use tutorial program to support female s tudents in their leaming. Female s tudents' tutorial program is not supported by female student parents, Female student p a rents had no meaningful involvement in f emale s tudents' tutorial program, Female students tutorial program is organized by teachers and evaluated by school principals. Woreda Education Offices are not actively involved in female students' tutorial program, School- parent relationship is poor. Female student parents are not happy to send their daughters to the tutorial program. Female s tude nts did not attend tutorial program regularly. Developing strong relations hip between the school and female student parents, evaluation by school principals and woreda education experts of the program, using guide line and creating awareness for female s tudent parents are recommended to improve the practice of school based f emale students tutorial program.



Challenges of Female Students' School Based Tutorial Program