Fuzzy Programming Approach to Multilevel Linear Programming Problems

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Addis Ababa,University


Multilevel programming is characterized as mathematical programming to solve decentra lized planning problems with multiple decision make rs in a hie rarchical organization. They become morc important fo r contemporary decentralized organization where each unit or department seeks its own interests. In this report we have considered a multi level programming problem and applied fu zzy mathematical programming (FMP) approach to obtain the solution of the system. We have suggested FMP method for the minimization of the objectives using linear membership functions. FMP is a supervised sea rch procedure (supervised by the higher level decision maker (OM)). The higher level OM provides the preferred values of decision va ri a bles under his control (to enable the lower level OM to search for his optimum in a wider feas ible space) a nd the bounds of his o bjective function (to direct the lower level OM to search for his solutio ns in the right directio n) .



Fuzzy Programming