Capacity Evaluation of Roundabout and Signalized Junctions in Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


Intersections are usually considered as the critical points within the urban road network and the evaluation of their performance provides valuable understanding and useful indication about the performance of the city road network system. The capacity of signalized and roundabout intersection is of more significant because such intersections often control the ability of the city streets to accommodate traffic. In Addis Ababa, most of the intersections are congested and operate in poor LOS. During peak hours, it is common to see congestion, long queues & delay at junctions. Accordingly, the objective of the study is to evaluate the capacity and LOS of roundabout and signalized intersections in Addis Ababa, and based on the results of the analysis to draw conclusions and recommendations for possible future considerations during junction design in the city. To achieve this objective, four roundabout and two signalized intersections in the city from major road corridors were selected. The required data was collected from selected junctions manually by the researcher using the necessary survey equipment suitable for the study purpose. The capacity analysis throughout the study was performed based on analytical method with some geometric elements using SIDRA Software program package, in order to identify the level of service for the studied intersections. The result of this study indicates that the studied intersections Gerji-Imperial, Bole- Mdihanialem, Teklehaymanot, Ayer-Tena, Legehar and Post-Office in the city currently serving in poor condition of Level of Service (LOS) of “F” except Post-Office intersection which has LOS of “E”. Thus, after carrying out additional detail investigation and taking into consideration future traffic growth appropriate improvement should be made by concerned bodies as soon as possible.



Road and Transport Engineering Stream