The Effect of Marketing Public Relation Practice on Customers Satisfaction: in the Case of Ethiopian Telecommunication Corporation

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Addis Ababa University


The major purpose of this thesis is to assess the perceived effect of marketing public relation practice on customers’ satisfaction in Ethiopian Telecommunication Corporation. This study used constructivist research paradigm to test the application of PESO public relation model on the practice of marketing public relation in Ethiopian Telecommunication Corporation. The study embraced both qualitative and quantitative research approach, where it can be use of a questionnaire provided primarily descriptive and qualified data. The qualitative approach was utilized for exploring concepts and experiences of customers using subjective expressions and evaluations in more detail. The sample size was determined by using the statistical formula based on the assumption of 95% confidence level and P = .05 and the estimated population size of customers of the corporation in Addis Ababa. Both quantitative and qualitative data collection methods, self- administered questionnaire (what the study participants say, they think, feel and act), Focus Group Discussion (FGD) and Key Informant Interview (KII) were employed as instruments for data collection. Qualitative as well as descriptive statistics, correlational analysis, and multiple linear regression data analysing methods were utilized. The descriptive and qualitative results of this study showed that Ethiopian telecommunication corporation used all the four marketing media activities (Paid, Earned, Shared, and Owned) as part of its public relation efforts evaluated using PESO model. Based on the correlational analysis of this study showed the presence of positive and significant correlation between Earned Media Marketing Activities (EMMA) (r= .557), Paid Media Marketing Activities (PMMA) (r= .356), Shared Media Marketing Activities (SMMA) (r = .715) and Owned Media Marketing Activities (OMMA) (r=.652), and customers’ satisfaction of Ethiopian Telecommunication Corporation. The multiple linear regression also showed that 65.5% of variance in customers’ satisfaction is due to the corporation’s public relation marketing activities. Ethiopian Telecommunication Corporation is highly recommended to take into account integrating and strengthening the contents of social media websites of its own, which are a real invitation for them to develop partnerships and therefore promote its product and services in the virtual market of the country.



Public Relation, Marketing