Assessment of sustainable hospital supply chain management practices-The case of Black Lion Specialized Hospital By

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Addis Ababa University


Hospitals account for 40% of the total health expenditures, from this 30-40% of the hospital budget is spent on supply chain costs. By aligning the 'triple bottom line'-environmental, social, and economic dimensions in the hospital supply chain 8% of the cost can be abridged offering better conditions to employees and communities. Black Lion specialized hospital (BLSH) is one of the leading referral hospitals run by Addis Ababa University serving a wide range of the population in Ethiopia. The study aims to assess the current practice of sustainable supply chain management in BLHS.A qualitative exploratory design with in-depth interview and observation filed notes methods was used to gain an insight into sustainable hospital supply chain management practices regarding economic, social, and environmental perspectives.From the analysis, six themes emerged which are (i) Environmental, (ii) Transport and distribution, (iii) Finance and supply, (IV) Human resource, (I) infrastructure, and (VI) Relationships. Each theme is further classified into sub-themes. Some of the sustainable hospital supply chain management practices are implemented in BLSH without putting them as a strategy. Environmental sustainability didn’t get enough attention. Since the three dimensions of sustainability are interlinked the problem raised from an environmental perspective is resulting in social concerns from the community. The hospital is currently suffering from the current cash collecting and credit system. Hospital staffs are not satisfied with the current work environment.



Sustainability, Hospital, Environment, Social, Supply chain