Assessment Of Organizational Climate And Employees’ Job Satisfaction In Project Management Context: The Case Of Usaid Joint Emergency Operation Project (Jeop) In Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


Research on the organizational climate is an old realm of studies which goes back as far as the 1930s and it was commenced by the work of Hawthorne who made the subsequent researchers to focus on the psychological aspects of the organization than the physical one. This study also traced this historical development and focused on the relationship between organizational climate and employees’ job satisfaction. For this study, the experiences of the selected branch of the USAID Joint Emergency Operation (JEOP) in Addis Ababa was used. Since the USAID is a renowned international organization with its big project of JEOP, assessing the organizational climate of the project employees' job satisfaction was particularly of interest area of enquiry. To substantially accomplish the study, concurrent mixed method research approach with a cross sectional time frame was employed. Using this study approach, the research tried to address the descriptive and explanatory function of the mixed method research. The research also employed both the quantitative and qualitative types of data and they were analyzed in an integrated manner. Census was used to collect information from all units in the population or a 'complete enumeration' of the population. So, 124 employees were made ready for questionnaires. Findings show that dimensions of the organization had a great effect on the job satisfaction level of the employees. This relationship was shown by using the Pearson linear regression and chi-square analysis. Furthermore, chi-square expound that there is a different job satisfaction and perception of the organization among the employees based on their gender, educational level, job level and tenure. Therefore, the organization should respond to the factors affecting the job satisfaction among the employees by providing a training and development and salary package, among others.



organizational climate, job satisfaction, joint emergency, operation project