Assessment of knowledge, practice and associated factors of first aid among long distance bus drivers departing from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 2020.

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Addis Abeba University


Background: First aid is the immediate or initial care given to victims of accidents before trained medical workers arrive. In developing countries including Ethiopia, there have been small numbers of drivers with first aid knowledge and few of them are involved in the actual practice. These shows, some of the drivers with first aid knowledge are not applied well. To my knowledge, the evidence is scarce about long-distance bus drivers’ knowledge and practice and associated factors of first aid. Objective: This study, aims to assess the status of first aid knowledge and practice among long- distance bus drivers’ departing or leave from Addis Ababa terminal. Method: Drivers based cross-sectional study was conducted at Kality, Ayer Tena, Asko, Lamberet and Addis Ketema terminals. Systematic random sampling was carried out to select the bus drivers. Buses were listed based on their side numbers and the first respondent was selected randomly then following respondents were selected every 4 intervals (k=4). Drivers of the selected bus were interviewed with structured questioners. Availability and completeness of first aid kits were checked by observational checklist. Epi data software used for data entry and bivariate and Multivariate analysis was done using SPSS V.20. Result: The mean age of participants was 37.77 (SD=±8.607). Regarding knowledge level 102(31.5%) had high level knowledge, 159(49.1%) of them had moderate level knowledge and 63(19.4%) of the study participants had low level knowledge. Having first aid training, (AOR=5.753:95%CI: 2.726-12.143) and ever used the first aid kit items(AOR=2.334:95%CI: 1.164-4.682) were significant associated with first aid knowledge. Moreover, drivers who had high level knowledge (AOR=4.618: 1.097-19.431), trained first aid (AOR=5.395: 2.39112.176) and also those had first aid kit in their buses (AOR=9.615:95% CI: 1.588-58.232) has a better first aid practice. Conclusion and Recommendation: Even though, the majority of respondents had first aid knowledge, only 46.2%of them were provided first aid at the scene. First aid knowledge and training are some of the important factors of the first aid practice of the drivers. At the same time, 25% of respondents had not first aid kit. Federal transport authority should be giving the training to improve first aid knowledge and practice of long-distance bus drivers.



First aid knowledge, first aid practice, long distance bus drivers, bus terminals