A Thematic Analysis of The Works of Makonnen Endalkachew

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Addis Ababa University


The main obje~tive e f this research is to analyze and comment critically on the various subtleties of the visi, n ~ e f life that Makennen Endalkachew presents in his works under • three sections: Religious, Moral, and Political. When the uplifting of the cultural level and aesthetic appreciation of our people has been e fficially undertake n, it is h ~ ped that such studies of early wri ters would be very imp ~ rtan t . • Befor e delvin~ into the subject, a brief biography of the artist with an emphasis on his family background and social erientation is provided in the first chapter . Besides, he is compared with two early eminent writers o f his time in order to examine the kind of worl d butleok he possesses. ,This historical survey has provided the r esearcher with a I firm ground to establish the class Ma~l"I nnen EndalkacheH to, the aristocracy , while the contrast enables to note bel" ngs the glaring difference between his contempe r ary writers and h im in their preoccupations. The contrast has revealed that the two artists Hant to introduce changes in their society for its development Vlhereas Ilakormen seeks to preserve the status quo . In the second chapter, regarding his perception of • the r eligious lthemes of the artist life ln this ~rld and the werld to come, his concern a ~ out the salvation e f the soul, his belief in the supernatural, his devotion t e the Christian faith, his reflections en the nature o f man, and fat e and time are brought out and are commented upon, 1-7ith r elevance to t he betterment of human conditipns . The ethical values, social norms and mores which the artist presents in his works are dealt 1-7ith in the third chapter . His understanding of virtue and vice, his sense of right and wrong are evaluated and appraised critically from a class point ofvie1-7. The soc i al conflicts between the slaves and their masters, the sprouting bourgeoisie and the nobility and the conflicts within the nobility for holding the reign of government and receiving the highes t titles mirror the realit i es of his time and that his resolutions to such ( conflicts reveal the underlying motives of the artist' s endeavour t o sustain the political and economic supremacy of his class over the other sections of the society . Finally, the c - ncluding chapter tries to put the findings of this research t.gether and place Makonnen in the tradition of our literary heritage. The ma1n aim of the researcher is to assess critically the thematic appeal in the works of Makonnen from the point of view of the present social situation in Ethi. pia. The researcher has tried to expl ~r e and expose the role Makonnen has played in his society.



Thematic Analysis of The Works