Natural Resource Degradation and the Predicament of Rural Women: The Case of Bugna Wereda, North Wollo

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Addis Ababa University


This paper has al/ell/pted to exall/ine the ongoing natural resource degradation and its ill/plications on wOlI/en in the rural Gelesot (lowland) and Telfetit (highland) Kebeles in Bugna Wereda, North Wallo. Bugna Wereda is characterised by natural resource degradation and recurrent drought. The aill/ 01 the study was to find out the different ill/plications that natural resource degradation has on wall/en and their roles. By analysing the intra -household gender based natural resource utilisation, wall/en's ill/portant link lVith their natural environll/ent was reviewed. This has helped to analyse natural resource degradation and its negative ill/plications on wall/en and their roles. tvforeover, the difJerent responses and coping II/ echanisll/s that households ell/ploy during natural resource degradation were reviewed in relation to their ill/plications to lall/ily welfare, contributions to natural resource II/anagell/ent andlurther pressure on the existing natural resources. The finding has disclosed that wOlI/en have a day to day interaction with their natural environll/ent since they play all ill/portant role ill house/wid lood production, processillg and lood distribution. Moreover, it revealed that the degradation olnatural resources in the study area has resulted in reduced supply olnatural resources and has caused wider and cOlI/plex ill/plication on WOII/en, theirlall/ilies and their environll/ent.



Resource Degradation, Predicament of Rural Women