A Study of Vocabulary Teaching Techniques Via Plasma Tv and Students’ Attitude Towards The Techniques: A Case of Three Government High Scools in Addis Ababa With Refernce to Grade Nine

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Addis Ababa University


The main objective of this study was to investigate the vocabulary teaching techniques via plasma TV and the students’ attitude towards the vocabulary teaching techniques. The rationale behind this is that attitude has a great potential to determine students’ effectiveness in vocabulary learning. The subjects of the study were grade nine students of three government high schools in Addis Ababa. They were selected randomly from three high schools in three different sub-cities in Addis Ababa. To this effect, both qualitative and quantitative data were gathered through questionnaire. Observation was made on the plasma TV lesson, classroom teachers’ role and also to students’ reaction during the vocabulary lesson via plasma TV. In order to gather additional data and to triangulate the data obtained in observation and questionnaire, interview was also conducted with 12 students taken from the six sections based on their willingness. Besides, the plasma guide was analyzed so as to examine the emphasis given to vocabulary and the techniques employed. The analysis of plasma guide and the result of students’ interview showed that vocabulary was given due emphasis. Unlike in the previous trend, in plasma TV, vocabulary is being taught through different techniques. The implementation of PTV (Plasma TV), however, seems to have problems in teaching vocabulary using various techniques. Lack of direct relationship between the words intended and the techniques, the pace of Plasma TV, lack of sufficient time to accomplish tasks and activities, lack of adequate assistance from classroom teachers and so on were found to be the major problems. Based on the findings it can be concluded that students have negative attitude towards the accuracy of techniques such as, pictures, realia, actions, gesture, the time allotted, the assistance of classroom teachers and so on



A Case of Three Government High Scools in Addis Ababa With Refernce to Grade Nine