The Effect of After-sale Services on Customer Satisfaction: The Case of BGI Ethiopia Plc

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this research was to examine the relationship and effect of after-sale service on customer satisfaction in the Ethiopian brewery industry. The research examined the effects and relationship of Independent variables (Equipment consignment and Installation, Technical Support, Draft Beer dispensing coolers cleaning and Co2 gas delivery services) with dependent variable (Customer satisfaction). To achieve this objective, descriptive research design and quantitative research approach were used to analyze the data that collected from 4740 total population through questionnaire to 355 research sample of BGI Ethiopia Draft sales customers. These respondents were selected using stratified random sampling method to distribute to draft beer sales outlets in Addis Ababa market territories. Descriptive as well as inferential research analysis has been used for the evaluating hypothesis. Based on the descriptive analysis findings, draft beer dispensing coolers cleaning service was found strongly satisfied with the overall after sales service delivered by the company. But, Co2 gas delivery service mean result was lower than other variables even though the average mean score was met. The result of this study shows that all independent variables have a positive correlation with the dependent variable. Out of four variables three of the independent variables (Equipment consignment & installation, Draft beer dispensing coolers cleaning and Co2 gas delivery services) have a positive and significant impact on customer satisfaction, and one of the independent variable (Technical support service) was found to has insignificant effect on customer satisfaction. Based on Inferential analysis findings, Co2 gas delivery service was found to be the dominant variable with the highest beta value and Technical support service was the least with its effect on customer satisfaction. Moreover, the regression result of cumulative effect of independent variables that explain customer satisfaction shows 31.1%. Based on the findings of the study, the researcher forwarded some recommendations to the commercial management of BGI Ethiopia Plc and brewery industry concerned bodies to address and closely follow-up of application of the dominant independent variables those have significant effect on customer satisfaction



After-sale Service, Customer Satisfaction