A Study on Drop Out Athletes’ from Athletics Event: Hagerselam Athletics Center

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study was to examine the major reason of athletes drop out from athletics event: Hagerselam athletics center. The study comprises 80 drop out trainees, 4 coaches and 1 manager the Hagerselam athletics center. Probable sampling by using snow ball approaching techniques was to focus on particular sampling techniques of the study which would best enable to answer research questions. Then, quantitative and qualitative survey study is used to carry out this research. Three instruments such as questionnaire, semi–structure interview and document analysis list were used. The descriptive analysis of the data was analyzed by using both qualitative and quantitative methods. The result of the study clearly showed that Hagerselam Athletics Center had its own problem for drop out of athletes from regular training program of the athletics center. The altitude of the athletics center was one challenge for intensive training program , athletic center and parents were not directly communicated, lack of motivation, lake of the access quality of education, the absences of physiotherapist and health center in the athletic center , not given enough pocket many, the presser of clubs coaches, lack of role model in the short distance & field event, majority of the short distance athletes exposed for sport related injuries , Specially haddya, silte and kembata zone of drop out athletes exposed for migration. Hawassa,sidam and welita zone athletes exposed by sport related injuries..To overcome these problems, the following recommendations have been forwarded: should have to physiotherapist and health center, should have to prepare and take an agreement between athletic center and the parents, need to structure rewards and recognition based on improvement as opposed to outcome, essential to prepare a favorable program for training adjacent with their schooling, All stockholders involved in youth athletics need to have a clear understanding of the philosophy of athletics programs, need to be educated to take part and create a positive experience for the young athlete and Athletics center is working together anther stakeholders.



Athletics, Drop Out Athletes, Reasons