Assessing AAU School of Journalism and Communication's Undergraduate Curricula in Journalist Competency Requirements Through the Eyes of the Schools’ Alumni Journalists

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Addis Ababa University


Curricula Development, orientations and their dynamism in any form of training program tend to attract enormous interests and attention among scholars, media professionals, governments, United Nations Agencies such as UNESCO and the informed members of the public in general (Ochilo, (undated), p. 54). Our levels of competence and professionalism tend invariably to be linked to our levels of education. This is normally greatly influenced by the curriculum that one may happen to have covered. This in turn raises one's standard of practice as well as determining entry levels of personnel into occupation (Ibid). Accordingly, the main purpose of the study was to assess AAU SJC's undergraduate curriculum through the eyes of journalists who graduated from the school. The main method of data collection employed in this study was questionnaire dispatched for sixty two journalists who graduated from Addis Ababa University, School of Journalism and Communications. The journalist respondent's work for private and government media in three media types i.e. print media, broadcast media and news agency. In addition, key informants from AAU SJC academic staff who have been participated in curriculum design are interviewed about the curriculum. The modular syllabuses were used as document analysis methods of data collection. Ten editors from print media, broadcast media and news agency are interviewed about the competencies of journalists. Based on the data obtained in this study, it is possible to say AAU SJC teaches its students well that the majority of the respondents believed they did not face competency problems whi ch were listed in the questionnaire. Those who believe they have competency problem even believe that they learnt well , but the education and the media practice do not match. The curricu lum is found to be more of theory than hands-on learning. To the opposite the media requires more practice than theory so; the school should focus more on practice. As of the changes in the media system, AAU SJC has been responding to changes in different times.



Assessing AAU School, Journalism, Communication's