Assessment of the Impact of Productive Safety Net Program on Households Asset Building and Soil Conservation Activities: The Case of Lemo District, Hadiya Zone, Southern Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


PSNP in Ethiopia is inlended 10 bring aboul a signijicanl change and 10 beller respond 10 Ihe needs of Jood insecllre hOllseholds and creale prodllclive inveslmenls 10 slrenglhen /"lIral economic growlh and environmenlal rehabililCllion. /n relalion 10 Ihe ill7pacl of PSNP al counllY level; several endeavors have been done 10 assess ilS general ill7paCI, bUI al local levels, especially in Ihe Lema Disirici Ihere are inadequale empirical evidence on Ihe program expecled oilicomes like on assel building and inveslmenl in soil conservalion aclivities by Ihe beneficiaries oj Ihe program. Therefore, Ihe objeclive oj Ihis silldy was 10 assess Ihe impaci oj PSNP on assel building and soil and Ivaler consen'alions aclivilies al Lema dislricl, Haddiya zone. Soulhem Elhiopia. The crossseclional survey dala was galheredj;,oll7 18Jsample hOl/seholds which were laken Fom inlervenlion and non-inlervenlion groups. A propensily score l17alching melhod was applied 10 assess Ihe ill7pacl oj Ihe program on Oilicome variables (assel bllilding and SWC aClivilies) Jar the ben~jiciary hOllseholds. As a resllll, kernel malching eslimalor of band widlh 0.25 was selecled as besl malching algorilhm Ivhich hold large l17alched size 2 and low Pselldo R . After mal ching only 167 malched respondenls, 91ji'om benejiciaries and 67 non- ben~ficiaries, were used 10 come up wilh Ihe fincd decision. The ATT eslimalion resull was indicales Ihal parlicipalion in PSNP did nol lead 10 sll'ong and signijicanl effeci on individual 's hOllsehold 's assel building and praclicing of SWC aClivilies by Ihe benejiciaries. ThereJore. re-thinking or re-evalualing Ihe program objeclives al nalional, regional, and olher operational levels is inevilable 10 aClualize desired objeclives.



PSNP, !,,,pact, PropellSily Score Matchi"g, HOllseholds, Assel Building and SWC Activities, South em Ethiopia