Research on Drought and Desertification in Sudan: A Computer-Based Information Support System

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Addis Ababa University


Information is a crucial resource for conducting research. The present study examines the ways of providing environmental information for researchers in drought and desertification in Sudan.Drought and desertification is one of the serious environmental problems facing Sudan, and it has resulted in remarkable degradation of natural resources. The performance of the economy has been affected accordingly , and a number of serious social problems have cropped up . The government has realized the extent of danger, and has initiated plans to combat desertification through the unification of efforts. The dispersed efforts have to be consolidated through the use of information, and communication technologies, that can facilitate the exchange and dissemination of information. The results of a survey shows that the existing information facilities are inadequate for the provision of reliable information service to researchers, planners and decision makers . This study proposes the introduction of a new computer-based information support system that can replace the old inefficient manual system at IES, and proposes the linkage of the various institutions concerned with environmental issues through networking . Prototype databases have been designed using Micro-CDS/ISIS which can be used for retrieving information using a search interface available at SISA. Measures to be taken for implementation and for further improvements of the prototype system have been suggested.



Information Science