Practice And Challenges Of Project Planning And Scheduling: The Case Of Industrial Energy Management Projects In Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


The purpose of this study is to assess the current practices and the challenges faced in the contract management of construction projects supervised by ECDSWCo’s in Ethiopia. The study adopts cross-sectional survey descriptive research with quantitative and qualitative approaches to describe the practices and their challenges. Using non-probability purposive sampling, a sample of relevant 40 respondents is obtained who are working in the contract management of various types of construction projects designed and supervised by the company. The theoretical basis for the study is the practices and challenges in contract management. The collected data are analyzed by SPSS version 24 using descriptive statistics analyses. From the analysis, most practices are implemented practically by the company and the remaining ones need due attention for in order to manage the contracts effectively and efficiently. The study also finds the challenges faced by the company in managing the project contracts and recommends ways how to tackle them. Finally the study recommends best contract management practices to which the construction sector and project management bodies may consider for their effective contract management.



Contracts, Contract Management, Contract Management Practices, Contract Management Challenges