Factors Affecting Consumers Buying Decision of Ceramic Sanitary Wares

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Addis Ababa University


The general purpose of this study is to measure the impact of product features, retail store image, brand name, price, plumbers‟ opinion, and satisfaction on the previous purchase on consumers buying decision of water closets and hand wash basins in Addis Ababa. Specifically, the purpose is to find out whether there exists a relationship between independent variables and dependent variable, which factor/s has/have a positive and statistically significant effect on buying decision, and to identify the top preferred brand of water closets and hand wash basins. A sample size of 384 respondents was selected using non-probability quota sampling. Data was collected through both secondary and primary methods using survey (interview and questionnaire) and observation technique from sample units of residential houses, shopping malls, educational institutions, hospitals, and hotels and restaurants to analyze the data quantitatively. The data was analyzed using descriptive (frequency percentage, mean, standard deviation, and bar chart) and inferential statistics (correlation and multiple regressions) by SPSS version 16. With a response rate of 96% questionnaire the following findings were obtained: all the independent factors have a positive relationship but only product features and price have statistically significant effect with consumers buying decision of water closets and hand wash basins. Acqua, Goldragon, and Anchor were also identified as the top preferable brands by consumers in Addis Ababa



brand name, Price, satisfaction