Identification of Floristic Diversity and structure in Kurib Forest

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Addis Ababa University


The study was conducted in Kurib Forest with the objective of Identification of Floristic diversity and structure in this forest. Systematic sampling method was used to collect data for woody plan species. Sample plot was laid at a long line transacts which are laid horizontally form South to north direction at low, medium and high altitude. A systematic sampling plots of 20m x 20m in each site was established to take samples. A total of 72 sample plots were established. Structural analysis was carried out on the basis of diversity, DBH, height, frequency, and basal area per hectare. The distribution of size classes were evaluated by computing the density of individuals with DBH > 2, >10 and >20cm. the species diversity, species evenness and species richness were analyzed. The result showed that a total of 39 different species of plants were identified in Kurib forest. Pittosporum viridflorum was the dominant species followed by, Maesa lanceolata, Maytenus obscura and Acacia abyssinica and the list dominant woody plant species in Kurib forest were Maytenus arbutifolia and Cupressus lusotanica. The tallest species were Pittosporum viridflorum, Maesa lanceolata, Apodytes dimidiate and prunus Africana. The shortest species were Combretum molle, Phytolacea dodecandera, Solancio gigas and Grandinium bullosa. Key words: Kurib forest, Species Diversity, Conservation, Sustainable utilization



Kurib Forest, Species Diversity, Conservation, Sustainable Utilization