Sampling Errors in Socioeconomic Surveys from Rural Settings in Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


In this paper an attempt was made to s tudy sampling errors from socioeconomic variables of three different areas of Gondar reg ion under three different sampling techniques . On the basis of the variances (standard errors) of each of the variables, design effects and rate of homogeneity values were computed. Depending on these values of sampling errors the accuracy and efficiency achieved in different sample designs on qualitative and quantitative socioeconomic variables were compared. Looking at the pattern of the sampling errors , out of the three techniques stratified random sampling was f ound to be highly superior for both discrete and continuous var i ables , in all of the three a reas. On the other hand these comput ed values of sampling errors s howed that for continuous variables , the performance of Cluster sampling was much better than that of Simple random sampling.



Socioeconomic Surveys from Rural Settings in Ethiopia