Optimization of Intersection Signal Timing -Case Study of Shola Gebeya and Estifanos - Stadium - Laghar Intersection.

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Addis Ababa University


In Addis Ababa, recent problems of traffic delay at traffic signal intersection is becoming increase and the optimizations of traffic signal timing is being the effective tool toward reduction of total delay, travel time and fuel consumption. This paper contains the overall structure and the various components of a simulation-based optimization system to optimize the parameters of fixed time traffic signal intersection. This study examines method for optimization and simulation by using Synchro and Sim traffic software packages. The optimization of intersections (Estifanos - Stadium - Laghar and Shola Gebeya) were done to propose a better cycle length, green split, offset and phase sequences. Traffic simulation model was developed for assessment purposes. Coordination of network intersection from Estifanos - Stadium - Laghar was done for increasing bandwidth through network. This study evaluated method of improving performance over the existing condition at (Estifanos - Stadium - Laghar and Shola Gebeya) intersections. The parameters of measure of effectiveness (MOE) were determined after simulation of traffic movements. The reductions of delays between 17% to 60% were obtained. The travel time reductions between 18% to 53% were obtained. In addition the fuel consumption reductions between 17% to 46% were obtained. Overall, the evaluation of the (Estifanos - Stadium - Laghar and Shola Gebeya) showed that the current Synchro and Simtraffic signal optimization procedure significantly improved the performance of network operations. Thus, the study recommended that AACRA continue using its procedure for developing new timing plans but that it evaluate its signal timing plan regularly so that it does not become outdated.



Civil and Environmental Engineering