Practices of occupational health and safety management: Case of Habesha steel Mills Plc.

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Addis Ababa University


This study was about Assessing Practices of Occupational health and safety in Habesha steel mills Plc. The objective was assessing the existing OSH Management practices in the Study area, to identify key health and safety risks faced by Employees in the company and to identify challenges the organization is facing in implementing health and safety policies and strategies in the study area. Descriptive research design was used in this study. The study population considered as respondent for the study was employees and managerial personnel of Habesha Steel Mills plc. Primary data was collected using a questionnaire from 50 randomly selected workers of the company and from 8 purposefully selected management bodies. Responses were received from the entire sample population. The data was analyzed using SPSS version 20. The study revealed that though the company has a written Occupational health and safety policy and also there is program evaluation and improvement, Employee participation, Employee training and hazard prevention and control issues are not properly performed. Physical and Ergonomic hazards are the two major Occupational risks in the company. Insufficient budget and poor working environment are among the challenges to proper implementation of Occupational policies and strategies. Finally the researcher forwards appropriate recommendation with respect to identified gaps.


A Thesis Submitted to Addis Ababa University School of Business and Economics in partial Fulfillment of the requirements for Master of Degree in Business Administration (MBA).


Occupational Hazards, OSH Management system