A Study on Audiences Perception of Etv Afan Oromo News Report: Focus on Audiences from Dukem and Gelan Towns in Finfinne Surroundig Oromia Special Zone

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Audience is one of the actors of the communication process because the success of a communication process is very much determined by the audience. Accordingly, audiences in communication studies can be individuals, groups and communities. How audiences bring out meaning has lately become the focus of media theory. The audience’s interpretive of media message is essential because it is the process via which audience perception of media texts acquire their full meaning. Hence, the main objective of this study was to investigate the audience perception of ETV Afan Oromo news reporting broadcasted ETV Languages Channel. In order to achieve this objective, the researcher collected the data beginning with quantitative method following qualitative method. That is first quantitative data was collected via close ended question and second, the respondents were given the opportunity to explain the qualitative data in open ended questions. Thus, the findings of open ended questions method was further explained via open ended questions.Besides, to collect the necessary data from the 397 sampled audiences survey questionnaire were used. To analyze the quantitative data obtained via close-ended questionnaire, the completed questionnaires were coded and filled in to SPSS Version 23. Then, different statistical analysis such as frequency and percentage were applied to SPSS data. The result of statistical analysis was presented in pie chart, bar graph and table forms. The results of data analysis revealed that, the Afan Oromo news report is not easily accessible via social media such as Facebook and You Tube. However, it was found out that the Afan Oromo news report is easily accessible via TV. The news report do not broadcasted relevant and quality information to Afan Oromo audiences. Furthermore, the respondents are not satisfied with the topics/contents of the news report, with the clarity of the information presented in Afan Oromo news, with the convenience of the time during which the ETV Afan news report is broadcasted and with the style or approaches used by the news reporters and announcers to report the news to audiences. However, they are not satisfied with the quality of news information, with the access and exposure of the ETV Afan Oromo news program and with the timeliness of the Afan Oromo news report program. The study found out that the ETV Afan Oromo news program has different major strengths and weaknesses. Thus, EBC should work to solve the identified weaknesses. Finally, to increase the access and exposure of audiences to ETV Afan Oromo news report, it is recommended that up-to-date and timely information on television and social media should be transmitted.



Audience is one of the actors of the communication process