Perception Based Assessment on Marketing Strategy Performance of Metals and Engineering Corporation: A Case of Bishoftu Automotive Industry

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Addis Ababa University


Marketing efforts and know-how are instrumental in commercializing ideas and inventions and in running successful business. In spite of its relevance, the effects of strategic marketing on business performance are sparingly studied, especially in particular business contexts. Exploring the potential moderating effects on business performance of strategic marketing more comprehensively, empirical studies with focus on result sensitivity with regard to industry type, market position and company size, among others, is both interesting and relevant. Based on these reasons this study was conducted on the marketing strategy performance of Metals and Engineering Corporation as a case in Bishoftu Automotive Industry. The lack of marketing strategy studies, especially under the context of Bishoftu Automotive Industry, and the sign of improper implementation of the marketing strategy has been a major motivation to carry out this study. Thus, the objective of the study was to examine the effects of key marketing strategy constructs on the financial performance of the Bishoftu Automotive Industry companies through competitive advantages and market performance. The findings show that BAI firms adopted significantly higher market orientation on average. The seven companies that are incorporated under Bishoftu Automotive Industry seem to also possess somewhat sustainable competitive advantage over competitors. However, it seems to be also that those competitive advantages are not being realized as effectively. Results also suggest that the innovation orientation, inside-out capabilities, and outside-in capabilities are at lower level on average. A market-oriented culture likely should be complemented by a spirit of entrepreneurship and an appropriate organizational climate. Therefore, management should note the importance of collaborating marketing and R&D services. Moreover, the companies should develop a clear understanding of their capabilities and competencies, essentially in terms of customer value-addition



successful business, marketing strategy, Marketing efforts