Social Capital Building Endeavors in a Diversified Community: The Case of SOS Children’s Villages Program Addis Ababa Intervention, in Kolfe Keranyo sub-city, Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


Social capital studies have been attracting the attentions of scholars these days that deal with social networking and the associated norms, values, trust and collective actions of communities. This research primarily focuses on studying the social capital situations and practices of members of communities in woreda 08 and 11 of kolfe-keranyo sub-city in Addis Ababa. The research is carried out through qualitative exploratory study, using case study method. The research participants were parents, government official and leaders of community based organizations existing in both areaswho have enough knowledge of the local communities. Findings from the study revealed the increase in bonding relationship within groups established in lines of ethnicity, and religion in both localities. The study also revealed the existence of less bridging and linking social capitals in both communities that led, among others unequal distribution of resources, conflicts and illegal construction of houses. The study found out the performanceof SOS Children’s Villages Program Addis Ababa, Family Strengthening Projects in building the social capital of vulnerable segments of the communities. Based on this, on the one hand the organization has been performing for the creation of platforms such as formation of different groups, meetings, trainings without discriminating the local inhabitants. On the other hand, ithas demonstrated to have limitations in performing these activities across its delimited areas of operation. In conclusion, the study has paramount importance to learn the social capital situations of communities and the level of efforts employed to enhance them. Besides, this study can be use as a primarysourcefor further detailed studies of social capital building in diversified urban communities. Key Words: Social Capital, Diversity, Community Development



Social Capital; Diversity; Community Development