Employment Opportunities of and Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities: The Case of the Blind and the Physically Impaired

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Addis Ababa University


Persons with disabilities do not equally and fully participate in the life of their society. They are denied of equal opportunities in the areas of education and employment. Thus, this research is aimed at studying the employment opportunity and work conditions of persons with disabilities. This research used both secondary and primary methods of gathering information. Various literature and research studies have been reviewed so as to use them as secondary sources of information. Focus group discussion and in-depth interviews were employed in this research. Ten visually impaired and five physically disabled employees in different agencies were interviewed. It has been found through this research that the blind and physically impaired studied had been discriminated during application and competition for jobs. Some had been discriminated on training and promotion. Special tools and needs were not fulfilled and addressed in their workplaces. The cause for the discrimination is mainly lack of awareness and attitudinal problems on the part of employers. This results in adverse psychological, social and economic effects in the lives of the disabled. Therefore, awareness-raising programs, policy and legislative measures, advocacy and other initiatives by associations of persons with disabilities are needed to curb this problem



Social Work