Exploring in Determinants and Associated Risks of Substance Abuses Between Private and Public Highschools Students in Addis Ababa: The Case of Selected Schools

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Addis Ababa University


The main purpose of this study was to explore determinants and associated risks of substance abuse between private and public high school students. Basic questions were raised regarding the spread of drug abuse, its relationship with some variables of the study population such as family condition, peer influence, and level of academic performance and on drug abuse manner and its consequences. The study was carried out in Addis Ababa. The sample schools included were 325 students. To deal with the objectives and basic questions, mixed method design was employed. The instruments used to gather the required information for the study were questionnaire, focus group discussion guide and interview. The obtained data were analyzed through frequency, percentage and chi square. Based on the analysis, the following major findings were obtained: Alcoholic drinks, Khat, Shisha and cigarette were the main commonly consumed drugs both private and public secondary school students. Sex is associated with cigarette smoking. Male (20%) respondents smoke cigarette than female respondents (11%). The chi result indicated that gender is statistically significant association with smoking cigarette. (X2 = 4.598, P < 0.05). Behavioral, psychological, health and social consequences were the problems faced by the students due to their drug abuse behavior which results trouble on their education directly or indirectly. parents, teachers and peers should react positively, efforts should be made to design and implement drug abuse assessment programs, Laws should be amended in the school to control the drug trafficking and to create a drug free environment, awareness should be raised about the nature and consequences of drug abuse through media and school media, recreational amenities and youth centers like public libraries by concerned body should be given due attention, individual, peer and group counseling sessions on drug abuse, should be designed, campaigns should be prepared on drug abuse and further research should be conducted and disseminated to concerned bodies



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