The Effect Of Online Marketing On Customer Satisfaction In The Hotel Industry: The Case Of Five Star Hotels In Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


Online service quality has been found to be an important input to customer satisfaction of online marketing. This study follows a modified model of Swaid and Wigand that examines the relationships among the dimensions of e-service quality and customers’ satisfaction to assess the online services quality tools and its effects on customers’ satisfaction toward the Ethiopian five stars hotel websites. The research was conducted by administering 246 forms of questionnaires and 46 interviews. The findings discovered a positive significant effect between the dimensions of online services quality tools and customers satisfaction exceptReliability (system safety) which is negatively correlated with satisfaction. Website information quality, quality customer service and interactivity (contact) have the most important dimensions contributing to the customer satisfaction while trust and efficiency (system convenience) has the least dimensions contributing to customer satisfaction. The results of the study contribute to enhance the insights for the managers of the hotels how improve the quality of their online service quality tools in their websites



customer satisfaction, online, services quality