Youth Unemployment and Political Instability: Evidence from IGAD Member Countries

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Evidences show that IGAD member countries are the most political unstable countires in the world. On the other hand lietratures on the subject reveal that youth unemployment contributes the most towards the politcal instabilty across the world. Nonethlesless, investigation on the effect of youth unemployment on poltitical instabilty partcilauly in IGAD member countries is very scanty. Thus, the objecive of the current study is to investigate the effect of youth unemplyment on poltical instability in IAGD member countries. For this purpose the neccessary secondar data is collected from ICRG, WDI and ILO on five selected IGAD member counrties. To find out the effect of youth unmployment on politcal instabilty; fixed effect model, instrumental varibale fixed effect model and one step system GMM estmaition on daynamic panel data have been employed. The analysis result revealed that there is a significant effect of youth unemployment on political instability and we support the hypothesis that youth unemployment causes political instability in IGAD member countries. This paper also examined how other social and economic factors can affect political instability. Our results suggest that political instability occurs particularly in countries where youth unemployment, as well as inflation, ethnic tensions and government instability, are high. This region specifically needs a sound youth employment policy not only for the sake of youths, but also for the relief of government reducing the burden of controlling continuous internal instabilities. Moreover, in region-wise the IGAD countries better to have common youth employment creation policies so that they can manage the internal conflicts arises here and then



IGAD countries, Political instability, Youth Unemployment