Self -Esteem of Adolescents as Related To Parenting Style and Socio-Economic Status of Parents: A Study of Mgh School Students in Dessie

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Addis Ababa University


This investigation aimed to study the self-esteem of adolescents in relation to parenting style and socio--economic status of parents. The data were collected using self-esteem scale, parenting style and socio-economic status inventories by administering these on 300 students who were randomly selected from a high school. Having collected the data scores were tabulated and thereafter, the scores of the data were analyzed using intercorrelation, simple regression, multiple regression, stepwise regression, and independent samples ttest statistical techniques. The results of the analyses suggest that authoritative, negleciful, and authoritarian parenting styles were significantly related to adolescents' self-esteem. Authoritative parenting was found to correlate positively while neglectful and authoritDrlan parenting styles were found to correlate negatively with self -esteem . The result also showed that socioeconomic status had small but statistically significant positive relationship with self -esteem. Males were found to score slightly higher self-esteem scores than females. The implication of these findings is discussed and recommendations are forwarded at the end of the paper.



Related To Parenting Style, and Socio-Economic Status of Parents