Assessment On Performance And Challenges Of Ethio Telecom Infrastructure Expansion Project Implementation, Monitoring And Evaluation

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Addis Ababa University


The main intention of this project work is to assess and evaluate critically its status, performance and problems of Ethio telecom’s expansion project implementation, monitoring and evaluations process. The study was based on primary data source collected from the Ethio telecom infrastructure expansion project teams and secondary data collected from company websites and project materials. The researcher used descriptive research design to describe the performance and challenges of telecom expansion project and for the purpose of triangulation, quantitative and qualitative approaches was utilized. This means descriptive method of data analysis was employed via using statistical software (SPSS) to describe the frequency, percentage, mean, and standard deviation of the actual performance status of the Ethio telecom expansion project against the target, and challenges faced by this company while implementing, monitoring and evaluating process TEP project sites. Based on the information gathered from respondents (questionnaire and interview results) different challenges observed during expansion project that broadly categorized to internal and external challenges



Performance, Challenges, Intervention