Professional Perceptions on the Practice, Challenges and Opportunities of Private Public Relations Firms in Ethiopia: 251 Communication Firm in Focus

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Addis Ababa University


The main purpose of this study was to assess professional perceptions on the practice, challenges, and opportunities of private Public Relations (PRs) firms in Ethiopia taking the case of 251 Communications PLC. 251 Communications PLC is one of the few private PR firms in Ethiopia. The main objective of the PLC is to manage their international and local clients’ communications, marketing, research, logistics, media, PR, branding and production needs. The study also attempted to explore the efforts and overriding challenges private public relations firms are facing. The research used mixed approaches which enable the researchers to use both qualitative and quantitate data and analysis. The main subject of the study was PR practitioners, CEOs and department heads. The researcher used in-depth interview as data collecting tool from the above subjects. The study was situated within the theoretical framework of Ludwing Von Bertalanffy's (later developed by Ross Ashby) systems theory. The finding of the investigation uncovered that, the private PR sector is untouched industry. Even though, there are many challenges facing the sector. Lack of knowledge and understanding of the practice of PR in the private sector, economic weakness of the private PR sector, absence of communication strategy/ institutional frame-work, under-development of the private PR sector, and lack of professionalism took the first line as challenges for the public relations practice in the private sector



Public Relation, Private Public Relation, Private Public Relations in Ethiopia, 251 Communication PLC