Urban Productive Safety Net Program /Upsnp/ Implementation Practices and its Effect on Food Security Status of Poor Households in Arada Sub-city, Addis Ababa

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Addis Ababa University


Food insecurity is a chronic and big problem in urban area. Ethiopia's government has devised an urban food security strategy, as well as a job creation and food security program. Addis Ababa city is one of the UPSNP beneficiary cities, currently implementing the program by the collaboration of government and World Bank. This research study attempted to investigate urban productive safety net program /UPSNP/ implementation practices and its effect on food security status of poor households in woreda 10, Arada SubCity, Addis Ababa. The study used purposive and simple random sampling techniques and the data was collected using questionnaires, interviews and secondary data. Descriptive statistics were employed to analyze the collected data. Quantitative data was managed using SPSS software in order to describe key findings for the Household Food Insecurity Access Scale (HFIAS) and Food Consumption Score (FCS). Measures of central tendency (mean median and mode) and measure of dispersion (variance and standard deviation) was a key descriptive statistic. The finding shows that Arada sub city, woreda 10 urban productive safety net programs has played a major role in ensuring the food security for the beneficiaries of the program. And also, UPSNP is contributing to the development path by transferring cash to beneficiaries to address poverty and by engaging in public works to enhance the living environment of communities. The government of Ethiopia should expand the social protection policy through the involvement of other NGOs. Finally, the UPSNP is more efficient in encountering reducing food insecurity; solve basic social and economic problems furthermore as urban productive safety net programs partially overcome the tutorial, health, and saving problem.



urban productive safety net program, food insecure households, urban Poverty, targeted beneficiaries, food security status