A Sustainability Assessment of Flower Farming Industry: The Case of Oromiya Regional State of Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


This thesis looks in to a sustainability of flower farm industry in Oromia regional states of Ethiopia .The general objective of the study is to assess the sustainability of flower Farm Company’s. The analyses of the study were made use of both primary and secondary data. The primary data were collected from 62 sample flower farm employees in selected two flower farms. The secondary data, on the other hand, were collected from different libraries, documentation centers and online sources. The study discussed economic implication of flower farm to the employee, social responsibility of the company and its impact on the environment. In the economic dimension wage satisfaction, receiving a bonus or deduction, promotion possibility and other benefit were realized. In the social dimension corporate social responsibility of the company were discussed .The study also discussed the environmental impact of flower farm industry by investigate the companies activity on chemical and fertilizer usage, liquid waste disposal mechanism ,environmental management plan , and sustainable use of resources . Across the economic implication employees are less satisfied by the salary they earn .Even though, they are getting either monthly or yearly based bonus, but its linked with their sick leave record and mistake they did .so that its lead them to deduction of their income .In respect to the social responsibility, companies are practiced on responsible manner .However the environmental dimension still not in the acceptable situation. They are using excessive inorganic chemical and fertilizers which has strong negative impact on the environment and the human health and other non-targeted living things. Optimum resource utilization and recycling also less practiced. Therefore, in order to assure the sustainability of the flower farm industry and the benefit of the country as well, it’s suggested that the sector need strong follow up by the regional environmental protection authority and the stockholders involvement like Ethiopian horticulture producers and exporters association and Ethiopian investment commission is highly recommended.



Sustainability, Impact of Floriculture Industry, Flower Farm Employee, Environment, Social, Economical