Inbound Logistics Operation In Anti-retroviral Drugs: The Case Of St. Paul’s Hospital Millennium Medical College, In Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa University


A wide range of medicines and other pharmaceutical products are needed for diagnosis, treatment, care, and prevention of human immune deficiency virus. However, interrupted supplies and stock outs are the major challenges in the supply chain of antiretroviral drugs. The supply of medicines needs to be managed efficiently in order to prevent all types of wastage including overstocking, pilferage and expiry. To assess the supply chain management practices of antiretroviral drugs at Saint Paulo’s Hospital Millennium Medical College. Cross sectional descriptive approach was used in the study whereby the logistics management and information system, the inventory control system, logistics knowledge of professional and the storage system of the hospital was assessed and examined against the requirements and standards. Census was used to collect data. In addition, check lists, interview guides and observations were some of the tools used in the data collection process. Detail results pertaining to availability and proper use of logistics management and information system, stock availability, logistics knowledge of professional, fulfillment of acceptable storage conditions for antiretroviral drugs store room, resupply period, order fill rate, emergency order trends and major challenges on antiretroviral drugs supply chain management are described and presented in the result section of this paper. Even though some encouraging practices are observed with respect to some measurements, certain gaps are observed on supply chain management of antiretroviral drugs in the hospital. In order to bring improvements, continuous efforts on providing on job training, regular supervision, regular and timely monitoring and feedback on logistics recording tools to maximize proper utilization and accuracy of logistics management information system tools needed. Receiving a good quality logistics management information system data from the hospital, the supplying pharmaceuticals fund and supply agency hub should maintain sufficient stock of all items at all times based on accurate forecast of future needs/demands. This would help to provide the exact perceived re-fill of items with respect to type and quantity as requested by the hospital.



human immune deficiency, virus antiretroviral drugs, storage resupply period