The Role Of Customer Relationship Management In Handling Compliants The Case Of Ethiopian Insurance Corporation

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Addis Ababa University


The study examined the Role of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in Handling Customer Complaints by taking for dimension from CRM; Customer Knowledge, Customer Acquisition, Customer Response and Customer Information System. The data was collected from Customers by distributing questionnaire. The data collected by the questionnaires were analyzed by using correlation, regression, and other mathematical tools by applying SPSS version20 software. The four dimensions in the study have positive and significant relationship with Customer Complaints Handling and based on the findings, Ethiopian Insurance Corporation needs to improve customers complains management by taking these four dimensions in to consideration. The study used explanatory research method to understand the casual relationship between CRM dimensions under the study and Complaints Handling. The finding showed that the three of the four CRM dimensions Customer Acquisition, Customer Response and Customer Information System have moderate and significant relationships with Customer Complaints Handlings and the only variable Customer Knowledge was found to be rejected to have significant relationship with Complaints Handling. EIC, as recommendation, needs to have a system to respond customer complaints promptly, develop services that tailed to address individual needs and well developed information system that enable the company to manage complaints



Customer Acquisition, Customer Information System, Customer Response